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Know your value
Posted by : Coby Gerstner

Three cheers

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For made beds
Cool cotton sheets
Braided hair

Time spent talking
Looking into each other's eyes
And the way it feels to touch the palm of her hand just before you hold it.

For holidays
Two pieces of toast
A cold cup of milk
And how beach house stays stop time
your memory relaying and replaying

One cheer for each of us
You and me.

Posted by : Coby Gerstner


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For who knows how long.
At first it was 28 years,
then three months,
then another nine or so months,
then maybe a few more years.

Off to explore
and start
and get paid for stringing syllables together.
That sounds cool.
To get paid for something like that.
To fund the things you love
even more.

Here are some pictures from parts of the journey via nataliefielding
Many more to come

Posted by : Coby Gerstner

Two tone

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Sometimes I spoke in Spanish because I wanted to say things
Without actually saying them in a way I understood.
And maybe most people wouldn't know that I was sad
Or hurt
Or wondering how I was going to do it all.
And so escribí (I wrote).
But a very good thing about God is
He's bilingual
And well before the thoughts had swirled around long enough inside of me
And my head
He had heard them
Or understood them.
He had worked out a way
For me to be happy
And healed
And to do all the things that I can do

Posted by : Coby Gerstner

A Shorter Story

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be good
and kind
and try your very hardest
to be happy
and smile when somebody passes you by
on the street
or the train
or the steps down underground
Posted by : Coby Gerstner