Different Breaths

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New York is a cool place.
Sometimes you'll make eye contact after a long day and smile, and they will too. That's my favorite part about the whole place. 
Posted by : Coby Gerstner


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It's too bad to be scared of anything
like sitting on the sidewalk, or some closed-up-store's front step
in a big city
to eat your four-for-a-dollar-twenty-five dumplings
that's the scary thing,
missing moments that make your heart go
this world.
there just isn't anything like it.
Posted by : Coby Gerstner

Thirds (because 34 cents is almost 1/3 of an American dollar)

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An ode, a love letter, or simply a postcard
drawn on, shipped
sent one thousand miles or more.
One secret thing I love about you is our shared zip code
one secret thing I hope is always true.
While I'm far away
making the littlest sparks for a roaring fire of a career
and you're planning, preparing, and adapting to the
thousands of things asked of you every day
I'll try to tie up, into little parcels, assorted feelings
and a 34 cent stamp
to send them off to you.

Posted by : Coby Gerstner

Monks and Gamekeepers

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Opening a book and ending up inside a wardrobe. 
A sixty four year old story,
Printed and bound and placed on a shelf, 
Creme colored now,
And still very exciting. 

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"The only way for Belgian teams to survive financially has been to cultivate young talent and then cash it in with transfers to wealthier foreign clubs. This is Belgium’s competitive niche, and coaches and clubs have gotten very, very good at it. “It is our business model,” said Jean-Francois De Sart, the technical director of Standard Liege, currently Belgium’s top side. As usual, Liege is expected to sell its best player, a young forward named Michy Batshuayi, this summer. I asked De Sart if this endless unearthing, nurturing, and selling of players — without ever seeing the final result of his labors — depressed him. “No,” he said. 'We try to improve our budget, but, OK, it is also the way to make, to live a life … We know in which world we are in.'"

via The Rise of The Red Devils
Posted by : Coby Gerstner